Unlike modern day fighters which require hours of study to perform basic commands, Divekick revolutionizes the fighting game genre by distilling the essence of combat into two simple buttons: Dive and Kick.

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PS+ Subscribers getting Divekick 20% off for first week of release (Aug. 20). That's only $7.99. :o Divekick PS3

Update: Just received an update from one of Divekick's creator's, Dave Lang. Divekick, now... posted Jul 12, 13 8:16pm

Valve's Greenlight has been dogpiled with criticism in recent months as people realize just how... posted Jul 24, 13 10:20am

One True Game Studio’s Divekick started off as a joke, a parody of the fighting game genre. But it seems to have... posted Mar 26, 13 10:46am

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