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Disgaea 4 is a tactical RPG that brings Nippon Ichi's popular game series to a new netherworld where former tyrant Valvatorez launches a rebellion against the corrupt government when they decree all Prinnies must be exterminated. As Valvatorez, players will gather a party of storyline characters as well as custom recruits created from a selection of races and classes.

Battles are turn-based, and pit the player's party of characters against the enemies. Graphics have been updated to look better at higher resolutions. Battlefields remain isometric maps with variable heights where players move characters into range against targets to set them up for a variety of bombastic attacks, including being able to transform monster allies into weapons or merging them together to make even bigger monsters.

Game progression is mission-based, with Valvatorez hitting new areas from his central hub area of Hades which players will be able to customize to their liking with new buildings that also dictate how what layout or gameplay mechanics apply to battles initiated from that panel.

Players can also challenge others to competitive matches over the PlayStation Network after building a space-faring pirate ship.

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