Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice Own / Want List

Username Comments
Hell Fire None
FrozenWolf87 None
Harceru None
Sonic Flash None
Krunal None
Ultima Flare None
Shadow of Death Good Disgaea game, better than Disgaea 2 IMO, somewhat improved graphics, but is it really so hard to get detailed sprites? Beat regular (Non LoC) Baal.
johnny3000 None
Mister Ivanovich None
BlazinFaze None
Vergil Ties None
The Deathwind None
PangTong_Blademaster None
Dresken None
Nurio None
punk_anime_girl None
Kurasagi None
The wolf nmd Alex My favorite kinda games at one point *****
Eva_Unit_01 None
Timerez None
xreborn None
kejoca None
Tetsamaru None
Laharl The Tyrant this game kicks AsS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rasberyl None
yoshi594 None
tenma no jinsei Still playing it but not as much.
D3adly Soulja None
smatdesa None
radical bob None
Albion18 None
Kisanagi Fushikode None
CoarseDragon None
darkmoon218 None
sinnic None
BOSIK777 None
Sambrez None
Inexpectatus None
Bag_San None
Evasion Maybe one day I'll get back to grinding. 60% complete
dimensionman83 None
Straylight None
keyblade336 None
HuntersRape75 None
Tsusaku None
shadowm22 None
i am a person None
Laner None
NekuX None
The-Fate-Of-The-Dead None