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RizzyJay None
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Blaise None
Kya12 None
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Avalith None
GogetaSSJ4Rules None
Ganondorf 5326 None
Province Favourite game of 2009
Funnyguy194 None
Hellbully None
solidfranz Deluxe edition
random turnip None
jdj1976 None
g4m37r0n None
Aeirou Demon's Souls Forum Guardian 712 Priest Ng+ 64
Ditnopota None
freezola75 it's on the way....yayyyy!!!!
alphador None
Superchin None
Linkruto None
Kidedan None
Burning Dread None
Hazmal None
Kilregna None
Wariyaka Score: 94 Epic is such a small word.
SpartanNinja None
Dameron None
ReiNoShi_X Friend is currently borrowing Hard for first timers but fun and challenging to veterans of Hack'n'Slash, charaters and weapons are highly customizable
ZackTheBlack None
NeoVirtus None
death3051G None
JaksBetr None
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