You are Isaac Clarke, a space engineer who specializes in fixing giant mining ships for the Concordance Extraction Corporation, or C.E.C. As most stories of the like go, your company receives a distress call from the USG Ishimura, a "Planet Cracker" class ship that takes dead planets, and destroys them to extract valuable ore for the company. In the assumption that the ship has had a mechanical failure, Isaac gathers coworkers Lt. Zach Hammond, security officer, and Kendra Daniels, local Tech specialist. As you set out to meet with the ship upon the cruiser class Kellion, you soon realize that this is no ordinary distress call. In the classic sci-fi manner, you soon find that the ship has been overrun by a mysterious alien race. After boarding the ship, you are separated from your party, and this routine check becomes a race for your life.


The game will be a survival-horror game taking place in Space. It is heavilly based on movies such as Alien and Event Horizon mixed with games such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill. It'll take place as a 3rd Person shooter and combat will heavilly focus on decapitating enemies. The game engine is Unreal Engine 3


  • Strategic dismemberment: Shear off limbs with powerful weapons as you carve a bloody path through the alien hordes. Find ways to neutralize attacking enemies effectively or they'll keep coming at you. When ammo runs low, use telekinesis to pick up objects, even the enemies' own arms and legs and fire them at anything that stands in your way.
  • Terror in the far reaches of space: A blood curdling interactive horror experience features state of the art graphics and effects, a panic inducing audio system, and a truly frightening atmosphere of death and despair.
  • Real zero G: Battle relentless enemies and crack challenging puzzles in unprecedented zero gravity environments that reinvent survival horror.
  • Uncover the horrific truth: Cut through the harrowing mystery to stop the alien onslaught. Discover the tragic story of the Ishimura's downfall through the final, frantic logs of the ship's hideously transformed crew.

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Fun, Inventive, Creative, Scary, overall good game DeadSpace PC

Dead Space 3's co-op component was introduced due to the series' past two installments being too scary to play... posted Jun 12, 12 3:16am

Better than Dead Space 2. DeadSpace PC
Relentlessy tense and plays very well- 8/10 DeadSpace PC
Finished it twice... definitely need to get Dead Space 2; even if it doesn't look as good from all the LP videos I've watched. DeadSpace PC
I swear the difficulty has increased, even though it doesn't say it has. Leapers are running too fast. xD DeadSpace PC
Completed it last week; need to get Dead Space 2 now. Started up a new game to keep myself occupied and enjoy the level 6 suit! DeadSpace PC
Completing the second half a lot faster. Still a lot of fun though. DeadSpace PC
Asteroid in gravity tether = Event Horizon! DeadSpace PC
They must've had a lot of sex on this mining ship, considering all the baby Necromorphs. Swinger's ship ftw! DeadSpace PC
I don't see why everyone complains about the asteroids bit - changed my sensitivity and pwned it first time. DeadSpace PC
One of the few things that bothers me is the constant reminder your girlfriend might be alive - it's so obvious she's dead. DeadSpace PC
Wondered when I'd meet female necromorphs. They're taller, and seemingly faster too. Reoccurring messages about god on the walls. DeadSpace PC
Monster babies! Nothing says scary quite like a tentacled baby. The upgrade system is fairly simple and well designed. DeadSpace PC
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