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Dead Nation Reviews

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1UP B+ Nov 26 '10
EuroGamer 6/10 Dec 01 '10
Games Radar 8/10 Nov 18 '10
GameSpot 7.5/10 Dec 01 '10
GameZone 8.5/10 Nov 24 '10
GameZone 7.0/10 Oct 04 '11
IGN PS3 7.5/10 Nov 30 '10
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Dead Nation Previews

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Destructoid Jul 22 '10
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Quoted from Dead Nation Reviews:
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"Just when you thought we were finally past the whole zombie fad that has permeated games (and almost every other form of entertainment) the past few years, The Walking Dead had to come along and capture our attention once again. And so Dead Nation really couldn't have come at a better time -- if you're like me, it's the perfect accompaniment to AMC's new hit (especially in that here you actually get to mow down the hordes of undead yourself). The game comes from Housemarque, the guys who brought you Super Stardust HD a few years back, and if you played their prior PSN effort, you might even be able to tell. Dead Nation employs a similar twin-stick control system, allowing you to shoot while strafing and scrambling away from the masses of enemies after you. And just like in Super Stardust HD, it all feels very responsive and controls extremely well. But the controls are pretty much where the similarities end, though -- the rest of Dead Nation is pure zombie action/horror fare."
"Happy entrails."
" At the time of this writing, America is the leading zombie killing country in the world. USA! USA! With only 45 percent of the undead population in our country totally eradicated, were doing a much better job at winning the war on zombie infestation than many of our neighbors. The UK and France are currently trailing behind slightly at 42 and 26 percent respectively. The rest of the world is doing a pretty crappy job at thinning out their rampaging zombie hordes. Slaughtering massive throngs of slathering zombies of all shapes and sizes happens every time you blink an eye in Dead Nation, even if it never feels like you’re making a real dent... ..."
"Engrossing gameplay and rich environments make Dead Nation an enjoyable romp through the zombie apocalypse. "
"Killing hordes of zombies in one of PSN’s finest downloadable games"