Inspired by the real Dante Alighieri, but adapted for a new generation and a new medium, the hero of the game is a soldier who defies death and fights for love against impossible odds. The Italian mercenary Dante returns home from the wars to find that his beloved Beatrice has been murdered, and her soul pulled down into Hell by a dark force. He gives chase, and vows to get her back. For weapons, he wields Death's soul-reaping scythe, and commands holy powers of the cross, given to him by Beatrice.

"At the midpoint on the journey of life, I found myself in a dark forest, for the clear path was lost" (opening line of The Divine Comedy). In the game, Dante goes on a spectacular journey through the afterlife to save his beloved Beatrice from the clutches of evil. But what starts out as a rescue mission quickly changes into a redemption story, where Dante must confront his own dark past and the sins he carries with him into Hell. He faces the epic inhospitable terrain of the underworld, huge monsters and guardians, sinister demons, the people and sins of his past, and the ultimate traitor: Lucifer himself.

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Developer: Visceral Games
Publisher: Electronic Arts

The Divine Comedy is often referred to as one...

Jul 05, 13 5:57pm
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Jun 02, 11 5:59am

Took me long enough, eh? But yeah, I caved in and bought Dante's Inferno, and...

nasty nappa
Aug 12, 10 7:27am
a disapiontment if you ask me short and repetative DantesInferno PS3
Jul 22, 10 12:23pm
Has potential, but was let down by g ameplay. All you do is run down the path slashing shit with a scythe. DantesInferno PS3
Jul 20, 10 9:56pm
awesome and bloody, kind of gross though DantesInferno PS3
Jun 28, 10 4:36am
Score: 65 Fun enough to run through. Too easy to platinum though. DantesInferno PS3
Mar 18, 10 9:05pm
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NPD's monthly sales roundup for February highlights the second month in a row for 2010 where year-on-year... posted Mar 12, 10 7:42pm

Vergil Ties
Mar 01, 10 5:20pm

The first couple of months had given us some pretty slick hack and slash games while...

Feb 21, 10 10:58pm
pretty good game 9.5/10 DantesInferno PS3
RabidChinaGirl blogged
Feb 17, 10 9:58am

So I hear you guys like video games. That's good, because I like video games too, which means we can not be enemies. That is optimal for all parties.

If you gamers haven't been keeping track of the front page content, shame on you. We've got a crap ton of new reviews and other gaming features... so SHAME ON YOU. Don't worry, I know how you can redeem yourself. Yes, it's not too late to read all that awesomeness, and I've got the links right here.

The most recent is, of course, DYNASTY WARRIORS: Strikeforce for Xbox 360 and PS3, from KOEI. Caps are official, yes. Japanese companies, what're you gonna do, right? Anywaaaay, you should read this review, especially if you like DW. One thing about the game that bugged me was the lack of custom character creation. Turns out it's still awesome, and I'm betting we'll get Create-A-Warrior in the sequel, assuming there is one.

LINK: DYNASTY WARRIORS: Strikeforce (Xbox 360) Review

As for everything else? Prepared to be bombarded with WIN! There are reviews all over the damn place, plus one preview. Clicky click, kiddies. Now, I need to make up for lost sleep. And not play games I've been wanting to play. Like Dragon Age. Or Assassin's Creed II. Nor BioShock 2...

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[image1 link=yes width=345 height=193] An embodiment of Hell, apparently. How about another tour of Hell,... posted Feb 05, 10 9:35pm

Everyone knows the only good reason to watch TV is for video game ads, especially when they're posted Feb 02, 10 11:05pm

PangTong_Blademaster blogged
Feb 01, 10 4:47pm

Ok, so the production of these posts isn't exactly daily due to my recent illness and mass of schoolwork. From now on, I will try to keep it relatively frequent, but not daily. It's February 1st, and though there are plenty of releases due to hit the shelves, there are only a few that have grabbed my interest:

Heavy Rain: I was more of a casual gamer the first time I saw Heavy Rain footage at an E3 event. At this time, we had no clue as to what the plot or gameplay would be like, we were just introduced to one of the four leading characters.

A few years down the line and Heavy Rain is ready to launch later this month. This is at the top of my list for many reasons, if there were those who thought I just picked up exclusive games out of sheer fanboyism. Firstly, Heavy Rain will be like nothing you have ever played or experienced before in your entire life. The mini-interactions as well the actual drama is just unheard of in the modern age of gaming. It's only recently that I have managed to play titles in which moral choices have an impact on plot (Rise of the Argonauts, Dragon Age: Origins), but the thought of the game being driven by your choices alone is a good one.

Bioshock 2: When the first Bioshock was announced for the PlayStation 3, there were plenty of people up in arms, and for a time, I couldn't see what all of the fuss was about until I picked up my own copy. Bishock is one of those timeless action shooters that never gets old, the prime attraction being the setting and integration of Plasmids. I haven't really been keeping an eye on Bioshock 2, and I am still undecided one whether to buy it or leave it.

The game is set ten years since the ending of the first and players return to Rapture as a Big Daddy. It's evident that Rapture is still hostage to the hordes of splicers that roam its halls, though the protagonist's incentives are not hinted at. Multiplayer will be included, and 2K have assured fans that it is not just another tacked on online component.

Dante's Inferno: As some will know, I am a huge fan of God of War, and when I heard Visceral would be trying to make a game identical to the series, I was overjoyed. Dante's Inferno follows the tale of Dante as he plummets into hell in order to find his wrongly judged love, Beatrice and save her from eternal suffering.

The fiction is there, but when I picked up the demo, I was less than impressed. Compared to the fluidity and power in God of War, Dante's Inferno struggles greatly. With that said, I will still give the game a rent to see if Visceral have delivered another stellar title to next-gen gaming systems.

bioshock 2 heavy rain ps3 february playstation 3 xbox 360 pc

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So the love of Dante's life is killed and gets taken away by Satan.  The demo suggests that's actually Dante's... posted Jan 29, 10 10:02pm

RabidChinaGirl blogged
Jan 14, 10 10:20am

Okay people, been a while since I updated, but I've noted before I'm no good at keeping blogs. Was pretty excited for them back in middle/high school, and I'm no longer in either of those. Besides, it's all about friggin' Twitter now.

Anyway, if you haven't already noticed, our front page is exploding with content. I know you anime-philes dig Nexon, so you should check out our Q&A for their Bomberman-esque game PopTag! (already out in Korea) coming to North America soon... if you haven't already. CLICK HERE!

For "core" gamers, our Mass Effect 2 exclusive interview Q&A thing with project director Casey Hudson was posted last night. Looks like those who responded to it on various forums are most interested in the prospect of more love interests. Likely more alien options this time, SWEET.

LINK: Mass Effect 2 Interview: Beyond Space

Aaand I just published our Darksiders review a little bit ago. Yes, I know it's late, but it's totally THQ's PR's fault. Bah, I'm sure none of you want to hear about the nastiness of industry relations, so I'll just give you the link and say that it was a great game. I'd play more, but I've got to review Army of Two: The 40th Day. Before that, gonna get some sleep and prepare for a phone (group) interview with the Dante's Inferno producer and a bunch of other journalist-type people. Hope that goes smoothly...

Er, Darksiders review GET!

LINK: Darksiders (Xbox 360) Review


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Today's new Dante's Inferno developer diary takes us into the Eighth Circle of Hell: Fraud. This appears to be... posted Jan 13, 10 2:25am

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