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Coded Arms Assault explodes into the next generation, as players take on the role of a hacker trying to overthrow an evil corporation bent on world chaos in a futuristic cyberspace. The game lets players unleash unprecedented destruction on environments, using explosions to send deadly debris flying towards their opponents and strategically using high-powered weaponry to shoot out enemy cover. Multiplayer modes let players go head-to-head and also play through the game's story mode cooperatively online.


    • Stunning graphics powered by the PlayStation 3 and Unreal Engine 3
    • Fast-paced first person shooter with futuristic storyline set in cyberspace
    • Hack into the enemy's computer network to unleash viruses and obtain new weapons
    • Destructible environments create a new element of strategy as players determine the best way to eliminate points of cover and take out the enemy
    • Online cooperative play for up to four players
    • Cooperative or head-to-head online multiplayer modes for up to 16 players, complete with land and air vehicles in multiplayer-specific environments

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