Class of Heroes 3 is a dungeon crawling RPG originally released for the PlayStation Portable in 2010. The game is set in a world where students from three academies of adventuring arts must venture into labyrinths to neutralize the monsters within. Players create a party of adventurers drawn from 10 playable races and dozens of classes (called "majors" in keeping with the school background) and undertake quests that take wiil them to the maze-like dungeons found throughout the world map. In addition to a common pool of 22 majors which are based on RPG classes, each academy has access to an exclusive set of advanced majors.

Like classic CRPGs, players explore dungeons and conduct battles against enemies from a first-person perspective. Character customization choices become important when factoring in team affinity during battles, as not all races and character alignments get along well with one another. Characters will earn new skills and abilities as their majors improve through experience earned in combat.


Differences between versions:
  • PS3 version has some voice acting. The PSP version does not have voices
  • PS3 version will feature Trophy support, while the PSP will feature its own in-game award system
  • PS3 version carries over data from Class of Heroes. 2G. PSP version carries over data from Class of Heroes 2

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