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Featuring the classic fast paced 2D, side scrolling action the series is known for, fan favorite vampire hunters from across the series will join forces to return Dracula, the Lord of Darkness, to his eternal slumber.

Designed by the legendary producer of the Castlevania series, Koji Igarashi, Castlevania Harmony of Despair allows up to 6 friends to play together via online co-op story mode or see who the best vampire hunter is in Survival Mode, which challenges players to fend off their friends while fighting for their very survival. Utilize your co-op skills to explore the levels with your friends in order to find hidden locations with special items and equipment or team up in battle to let loose destructive attacks on the hordes of attacking creatures.

With a plan for continued game content delivered through downloadable add-ons, players will be able to experience new levels with new characters as they extend the experience of the latest Castlevania downloadable game.

Game Play


  • 6 Player Online Co-Op - Explore and fight Dracula with up to 6 friends online or engage in Survival Mode and see who the last warrior standing is
  • Combo Attack System - Unleash devastating attacks by working with your partners to vanquish your foes
  • Play Through Classic Castlevania Worlds - Fight the forces of darkness through massive levels inspired by the worlds of Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow, Portrait of Ruin and Order of Ecclesia
  • Ghost mode - Share your adventure with friends by uploaded ghost data
  • Classic 2D Gaming - The fast paced side scrolling action and detailed 2D art push the classic Castlevania formula into the HD era
  • DLC Support - More character and levels will be created following the release of the game to continually challenge players in new fun ways

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Former Castlevania producer Koji "IGA" Igarashi confirms today that he has parted ways with... posted Mar 17, 14 10:49am

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  • Genre: Adventure (PSN)
  • Perspective(s): Flat side view
  • Developer: Konami
  • Publisher: Konami
  • Released
    North AmericaSep 27, 2011
    EuropeOct 12, 2011
  • Player Info:
  • Offline Multi-player (1 max)
  • Online Multi-player (1 max)
  • Online Co-op (6 max)
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