BloodRayne: Betrayal Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 6.1/10

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BloodRayne: Betrayal Reviews

website score publish date
GamePro 3.5/5 Sep 12 '11
IGN PS3 9/10 Sep 02 '11
Computer and Video Games 5.0/10 Nov 27 '11
Game Watcher 5.0/10 Sep 22 '11
Games Radar 5/10 Sep 07 '11
GameSpot 5.5/10 Sep 08 '11
GameZone 5/10 Sep 14 '11
GameZone 5.0/10 Sep 14 '11
GameZone 5.0/10 Sep 14 '11
Worthplaying 9.0/10 Sep 21 '11
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BloodRayne: Betrayal Previews

website publish date
Worthplaying Jun 20 '11
Worthplaying Aug 30 '11
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Computer and Video Games on Nov 28 '11

"Unfairly difficult platforming lumbered with controls that aren't up to task. Fight against both for a rewarding experience, or climb back into your coffin"

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Games Radar on Sep 09 '11

"If you’ve been looking forward to a stylish, breezy 2D hack-and-slashing foray into the BloodRayne canon with Betrayal, the new XBLA/PSN release, get ready for a digital bitch-slap. BloodRayne:..."

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GameSpot on Sep 13 '11

"Finicky controls taint the exciting combat in BloodRayne: Betrayal, creating an uneven and frustrating adventure. "

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GameZone on Sep 15 '11

"Maybe the best BloodRayne game yet, but is that good enough?"

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GameZone on Sep 30 '11

"Back in the 80s, a video game hero could stomp on turtles and eat mushrooms and that was pretty much accepted. No one questioned what was going on in"

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