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Blitz: The League II is the next installment to fictional football league where you're rewarded for playing dirty.


Blitz: The League II offers brutal smashing and bashing football. There a lot of different things that make the game stand out, such as the beating you can put on opponents. In the game, first-downs are thirty yards each, unlike the Madden series. All throughout the game, you will be able to perform unsportsmanlike conduct, such as performing dirty stiff arms. There are no penalties or referees in the game, so you can get away with whatever you want. If you get injured, don't expect to stop playing. The trainer will juice you up with some 'roids or snap that broken bone back into place. It's rough and tough.


  • PRECISION-AIM TACKLES: For the first time ever in the Blitz franchise, take control of the new hit-targeting control system to inflict serious pain on explicit areas of your opponent's body.

  • REALISTIC INJURIES AND THE RETURN OF LATE HITS: Featuring all-new vicious tackles and gruesome injuries, including the return of late hits and new three-man tackles that pack the power to shatter helmets, crack bones, tear crucial ligaments, and send teeth flying.

  • ENHANCED CLASH MODE AND TOUCHDOWN CELEBRATIONS: An enhance Clash Mode is triggered with a single-button, allowing players to slow the competition and unleash special offensive and defensive maneuvers. After collecting pay-dirt, trigger the player-controlled touchdown celebration and let the fans know who deserves the green.

  • CAMPAIGN MODE: As the only video game with a story mode exploring the darker side of pro sports, Blitz: The League II puts the player in complete control as he ventures through brutal on-the-field competition and entertaining off-the-field drama in his quest to reach the League Championship. Peter Egan (Playmakers) returns to pen the most entertaining Blitz storyline yet.

  • ONLINE COMPETITION AND DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT: Available modes include an all-new Campaign Mode, Quick-Play Versus, and fully-featured Online Modes.

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