BioShock Own / Want List

Username Comments
WangChung None
Samkuro None
Aragorn Vzla None
Elixir None
Trev_GFC None
cgauld7 None
WereJackal None
random turnip None
Phi None
Wereduck None
BigBhaarlokzMon 10/10
Just a Shadow None
Sonic Flash None
Gargomon None
Kudzuka None
Shadow of Death Got the story done, saved all little sisters.
Massive Attack None
yugiRULER None
Toonami None
gonzab None
Sora65 None
SnAkE6PHW None
Coi Cki None
Samurai X14 None
BlazinFaze None
kratosroxmysocks None
Monterey Jack Kind of overrated, but pretty good
jbh None
SebyBuz None
Sapphiryeon None
Lighting Amazing game so far...
nasty nappa outstanding gripping and gruesome
Jdogtoocool None
AndyD_U None
Hitmonlee None
Joshua Mackley None
gerard way owns you This game is awesome. The only shooter with a story I have liked. Very worthwhile, with plenty to do beyond the main story arch.
BazBro None
steventhecracker None
AcidReyne None
Goldva_X Waiting for the 2nd game.
lorddarkwood None
Master Ffamran None
Fan1wwe None
solidfranz None
KiLLmoVes None
cooperisduhace None
FalloutGirl Awesome game!
Kayla None
ReaperOscuro None