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The first multiplayer Expansion Pack for the mega-hit Battlefield: Bad Company 2 where gamers will find themselves in an entirely new theatre of war – Vietnam.

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Fighting as either U.S. Marines or North Vietnamese Army (NVA), the hostile combat terrain of the Vietnamese jungle is brought dramatically to life via the Frostbite engine with a host of authentic vehicles and weapons with which to engage the enemy. The punishing jungles, powerful air invasions, and guerilla tactics of an unpredictable enemy deliver non-stop action in this sandbox environment.


The Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam digital expansion pack takes all of the intensity, action and addictive gameplay of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and ups the ante with enhanced persistence, new weapons, vehicles, unlocks, awards, achievements and trophies. Features four new maps playable in classic Battlefield modes including Conquest and Rush.

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