Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Own / Want List

Username Comments
cooly99 None
irishdragon85 None
Machienzo Playing Online is the best.
Hman242 None
One59 None
Whelan None
Twin_Master My absolute favourite action shooter game and online multiplayer. Excellently incorporates team play!
Metallica None
jbh None
Sapphiryeon None
icebox66 None
Avalith None
cgauld7 None
Lyokomzm None
Shave ya Head None
manahoonie None
Province Fantastic game, prefer this to Call of Duty now.
Fan1wwe None
the rathalos guy None
KiLLmoVes None
his1975 None
Shawn_Michaels_fan None
lfc4eva2k9 None
bludshot None
Good Sir D None
kmaster_97 Battlefield over COD any day
TheLivingDead188 None
deathreaper82 None
l dot blaggz None
zupercatz None
boolsook None
busso2 None
Ohmycaptain None
MARK0325 None
TheHurtLocker None
sithlordmrguy None
Leez None
Flashbang232 None
ageozos None
Tddm65 None
monaro89 95% Completion. 3 Trophys left for Platinum.
ToTheMax None
Qaq123 None
lolmaster73 None
maix24 HOW do you get the gold guns?
ralexh11 None
Kev QPFC None
cpm19 None
Buster_Highman None
Charizard lover789 None