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Product Wiki Description: Batman: Arkham Asylum is the first of a series of modern Batman reboot games set in a dark and gritty take on the Batman lore, featuring a fresh free flowing combat system where players can chain combinations against large groups of opponents. The game combines stealth elements, plenty of combat, and puzzle solving with a story and setting that evokes the darker aspects of the Batman mythos.

The game takes place in Arkham Asylum, an institution famed for being home to many of Gotham's worst...
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Release Date (North America):Aug 25, 2009 submit new
Release Date (Europe):Aug 28, 2009 submit new
Release Date (Japan):none submitted submit new
Release Date (Australia):Sep 3, 2009 submit new
Perspective: submit new
Themes:Gothic, Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Film Noir, Mob/Organized Crime, Espionage/Secret Ops submit new
Publisher:Eidos submit new
Developer:Rocksteady submit new
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Online Multiplayer:1 submit new
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