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This completely original title explores Gotham City's darkest location, the infamous Arkham Asylum. But as a routine prison transfer goes wrong, the Joker sets his demented plan into action and Batman comes face to face with an army of his worst enemies. In a dark and gritty setting reminiscent of Bioshock (with a story co-written by Paul Dini), Arkham Asylum is setting the stage for a true-to-character Batman game.



Features simple hand-to-hand combat (three buttons) but they can be used to string together many different combos

Uses Batman's detective abilities like never before; You'll get fingerprints, take photos, and just investigate areas much like the game Condemned

There is a lot of supervillians; Joker and Croc have been confirmed, but it is believed you also encounter Penguin, Two Face, Harley Quinn, Freeze, and others.

Enemies visually become more frantic and frightened as you kill off their comrades. For instance, they will shoot randomly in the air if you're hiding from above.

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