Assassin's Creed Own / Want List

Username Comments
WangChung None
Geeseventy6 None
mako8008 None
FrozenWolf87 None
gonzab None
Trev_GFC None
Boutros None
GMH25 None
MacMiller None
Aragorn Vzla None
Der_di_das None
Robert Ninja None
Kakashi Sensai None
Anduin None
Finn114 Very good game but can be repetitive towards the end.
GregtheGreat None
beatrixgamer None
Existence None
Tom None
S v R 2010 None
Wyldone None
One59 None
KillerKat909 None
red dragoon None
Nine_Breaker106 None
renichms None
Blink1828533 None
billabong52 None
Shedevil None
Double_En None
ShadowJ None
Archangel None
Shadow of Death None
Mister MacPhisto None
IndependantMOFO None
Ace Flyer None
Slayerholic17 None
mottram None
Whelan None
Diana None
WireFrame None
DragonOutlawKing None
yugiRULER Good game and very fast paced. I liked all the fighting and climbing.
Dobbo87 None
Ijiero None
Toonami None
gwenn809 None
Sora65 None
Solid_Snake88 None
Ajax None