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Released in Japan in 1997 and North America in 1998 by Working Designs, Alundra’s award-winning combination of dark, compelling storytelling with smooth Action-RPG gameplay has won the near-unanimous fawning of critics and fans alike.

With a metascore of 86 and a 92 ranking from users, the Matrix Software-developed Alundra will challenge gamers with vast dungeons, mind-bending puzzles, and an expansive fantasy world to explore that walks a tightrope between a tense reality and nightmarish dreams.

The game features a colorful cast of characters and tight responsive gameplay. Alundra will entertain gamers new and old with its addicting challenges. Gamers can once again prove their heroic might in the world of light and dark in Alundra.
Feb 10, 12 1:03pm
Wait this isn't Zelda...meh, good enough. Holy crap this game is hard! Since when is a Zelda game hard? Oh yeah, it's not Zelda... Alundra PS3
Aug 03, 09 4:27am
RPG Alundra PSX
Apr 27, 09 8:48pm
very fun game Alundra PSX
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