Loyalty carries a price and no one knows this more than agent Michael Thorton. A talented young agent cast out by his government, Thorton is the only one with the information needed to stop an impending international catastrophe. To do so means he must cut himself off from the very people he is sworn to protect. As players determine how to accomplish different objectives, the decisions made and actions taken in each mission will ultimately transform the type of secret agent Michael Thorton will become. Every choice the player makes as Michael Thorton will carry consequences for his future and the fate of the world.


Become the spy of your choosing in a modern-day conspiracy plot. As you progress, decide how to develop abilities such as devastating physical combat moves, customization of your weaponry, and the use of ingenious gadgets and traps. Stay vigilant though, as the cast of Alpha Protocol will react intelligently to your every move, resulting in the most exciting and unpredictable role-playing experience ever created.


  • Revolutionary Interaction System: Choose your words and actions carefully in a living, reactive role-playing world. Experience the Alpha Protocol "ripple effect" as encounters with your allies and enemies change relationships, reveal storylines, and unlock new missions.
  • Skills of the Trade: Mold Thorton into the secret agent you want to become with lethal close-combat techniques, marksmanship abilities, spy gadgets, and much more.
  • Locked and Loaded: Access an arsenal of weapons and customize their many add-ons to create the perfect weapon load out.
  • Who Do You Trust?: Form relationships via dialogue and action choices within an intriguing cast of allies and enemies to get data for missions, new weapons and more. Remember who to trust and decide when to trust them.
  • Choose Your Own Path: The game reacts to every decision you make: will you let a terrorist escape to follow a lead, or eliminate targets against the mission agenda? With no right or wrong choices, every player can create their own storyline and ending

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I don't get why this got such bad reviews. I liked it. AlphaProtocol PC

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6/10 AlphaProtocol PC
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