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The game takes place about 30 years after James Cameron's Aliens film, where some colonists inhabit a newly discovered planet. They find some ancient ruins, which attracts the attention of the Weyland-Yutani Corporation. The Company sends the Colonial Marines to investigate, and they find Aliens & Predators waiting for them.

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Raziel2465 and 3 others played Aliens vs. Predator
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Good, stlyish FPS game! AliensVsPredator PC
A good game, but nowhere near as good as it should of been 6/10 AliensVsPredator PC
Three unique campiagns are let down by iffy alien and predator controls 7/10 AliensVsPredator X360
I rented this before, and I want it permanently. Online was badass. Alien campaign FOAR THE WIN. AliensVsPredator X360
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6.7 / 10
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