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Acceleration of SUGURI X-Edition (AoSXE) is the sequel to the insanely popular Japanese shooter SUGURI. However, instead of the standard shooter platform, AoSXE is a 2D competitive fighter with all of the bosses you loved from the first game as playable fighters. If you haven't played the SUGURI series before, here's a quick recap:

After catastrophic events on Earth, an android named SUGURI was created to protect Earth from an impending invasion. The original SUGURI is a side scrolling shooter, and the sequel - Acceleration of SUGURI - has all of the bosses from the first game in the form of an aerial-style shooter - flying, dodging, and frantic shooting in the form of an exciting fighter, and even a Player versus Player mode!

Game Play


• 3 gun-slinging Arcade Modes
• 3 pulse-pounding Versus Modes
• 11 rendered environments for battle
• 7 engaging anime-style characters
• Local and online leaderboards
• 20 PlayStation®Network trophies
• Downloadable extras include cute but deadly avatars, an AoSXE theme and exclusive wallpaper, and an exclusive soundtrack for the PS3

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