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The BAHRAM military began armed suppression of Mars and Earth after obtaining overwhelming fighting power with its army of new Orbital Frames. The UN Space Force is devastated by the attack of Anubis - Orbital Frames controlled by the Aumaan Project commander Nohman. The only hope to prevent Nohman's ferocious attacks is the Orbital Frame Jehuty. Fly around freely in 3D space and become one with Jehuty. Master powerful new maneuvers and weapons. Brought to you by Metal Gear Solid's Hideo Kojima.


  • Fast-paced fighting action with unbelievable cinematic visuals.
  • Target and destroy hundreds of enemies on screen at the same time.
  • All new sub weapons enhance strategic play during combat.
  • Gripping epic storyline.

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Aug 17, 09 2:18pm
added 43 new concept art
Johnny G
Oct 17, 05 9:24am
Wow... just... wow. A must have for any action/mech game fan. ZoneOfTheEnders2The2ndRunner PS2
Jul 15, 05 7:34pm
added 2 cheats
Jul 12, 05 11:35pm
This is an amazing game, get it! ZoneOfTheEnders2The2ndRunner PS2
Raven 2029
Jan 11, 05 5:41am
One of the Greayest Mech Games EVER! ZoneOfTheEnders2The2ndRunner PS2
BK Wargreymon
Feb 24, 04 11:30am

omg, i never played such a good mech game. I'd give it a 10 outa 10. THIs is A MUST...

Aumaan Shadow
Dec 18, 03 12:04am

It is pure genius and made by the best, Konami. Any action lover would love this...

Sep 21, 03 11:26pm
added 2 cheats
Aug 21, 03 12:48pm

This game is near perfection. although it is a bit short i beat it on hard mode the...

Jun 16, 03 11:42am

This game truly defines perfection in every way. Whats more satisfying then locking...

Jun 08, 03 11:56am

I mean come on..I know the more detail and graphics you throw into a game design the...

Section 9
May 09, 03 8:28am

I'll make this short, I really liked the game and it will end up as a keeper but I...

Apr 21, 03 5:48pm

Welcome to the Second Runner, a much improved sequel from its predecessor, Z.O.E. The...

Apr 20, 03 2:55pm

The graphics are highly detailed from Jehuty to the surroundings...such as the first...

Apr 08, 03 8:05pm

As we've come to expect from any game with Hideo Kojima in the credits, Zone of the...

Mar 25, 03 10:31pm

This is the definitive mech combat game! Great graphics, awesome effects, mechs that...

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