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In "YS VI - The Arc of Napishtim", players embark on a rich adventure set on a deserted island. Featuring beautifully rendered 3D graphics, this action RPG delivers a uniquely deep and compelling gameplay experience.


  • Continue the Ys saga.
  • Gain special abilities and attacks with three magic sword power ups Experience a combination of real-time, fast-paced action and strategic boss battles.
  • Features original music composed specifically for the PS2 version of the game.
  • Locate hidden, unlockable secrets that showcase the timeless legacy of Ys.

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XSEED, as excited as ever to reveal its localization plans as ever, dropped two more today.... posted Mar 26, 15 9:24pm

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fun, challenging & with plenty of extras YsTheArkOfNapishtim PS2

recomend for those that are zelda fans. recomend for those that don't like turn based...


I'm a big fan of the older rpg's like Secret of Evermore/Mana and Chrono Trigger and...

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