It's the year 2037, and a deadly plague has spread across your city. As part of a special operations team, you and your squad must enter deep into the city and save a group of scientists held hostage by a group of bio-terrorists.


  • Features Explosive Action - Battle your way through countless numbers of vicious and powerful terrorists as your team rescues hostages and recovers top-secret government information.
  • Command Your 4-Person Squad - Take charge and lead your 3 teammates through intense firefights using tactical commands like Cover, Stay, Recon, etc.
  • Huge Array of Weaponry - Take your enemies out using a sniper rifle or light them up with a flame thrower when they get close, or even unleash all-new powerful and futuristic weapons.
  • Next Generation Graphics - The PS2's technology allows for highly detailed characters and amazing special effects like fog, smoke and explosions, which deliver the most exciting and realistic gaming experience ever.

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I came across this 2000 title at EB games. But it wasn't on the shelves. It was in the...


This was one of the first games I purchased for my PS2 and its pretty bad. I was...


This is an ok game, its like metal gear but id say a lot more like a syphon filter...


dont buy this game unless your dying waiting for metal sons of liberty if you in dire...


i think this game can have a very good score if they have a little time to upgrade it...

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