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In the third millenium mankind has abandoned Earth and is now beset by the alien Gnosis. As Shion Uzuki, you and your teammates explore and engage the Gnosis in 3D enviroments during control-free modes. Watch the cinematic story unfold (complete with voice acting) during the event modes of the game.


  • Epic storyline
  • Breathtaking cinematic visuals
  • Complex character development (skills, spell-system, attacks, etc)
  • Highly interactive Non-Playable-Characters
  • Fully rendered 3D environments
  • Full English Voice-overs enhance story and character development
  • Innovative battle system brings players even closer to the action
  • 4 exhilarating mini-games to challenge even the most expert gamers
  • Emotionally charged music orchestrated by the London Philharmonic Orchestra
  • In-game electronic database allowing players to search for information about key story or game needs.

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When I got my PS2, I bought FF-X and this. Played ten for an hour, then I put this in. had to start X over 2 weeks later. XenosagaEpisode1DerWilleZurMacht PS2
good story, battle system, rpg. not saying XenosagaEpisode1DerWilleZurMacht PS2
Great RPG game, buyers must be patient with videos. XenosagaEpisode1DerWilleZurMacht PS2
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