Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Böse Gameshark Codes

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Game Codes: Xenosaga II [North America]

[M] Must Be On
760BDE10 00000000
77000193 970C1955
98088CF6 78D0D57D

Asher Code:

Infinite HP
760CB880 00000000
187B7BF2 0CA58CE6

Infinite EP
760E61C0 00000000
187B7BCF 0CA58CE6

Max HP
76015A50 00000000
187B31B7 0CA58CE6

Max EP
76038310 00000000
187B318A 0CA58CE6

Max Lv
76038E90 00000000
087B31A3 0CA57A4F

Max Pow
760CE3E0 00000000
187B3122 0CA5E485

Max Arm
76055FA0 00000000
187B31EB 0CA5E485

Max Dex
7602C5C0 00000000
087B3176 0CA57A4F

Max Eva
7600B510 00000000
087B3163 0CA57A4F

Max Agl
76061EC0 00000000
087B31D1 0CA57A4F

Max Eatk
760C4A70 00000000
187B310A 0CA5E485

Max Edef
7609E080 00000000
187B31F5 0CA5E485

Max Next Lv
760A54B0 00000000
287B2BD8 1CD1A03E

Max Total Exp
76081EC0 00000000
287B2B40 1CD1A03E

Chaos Codes:

Infinite HP
760A83E0 00000000
187BDB15 0CA5E485

Infinite EP
7606C880 00000000
187BDBB6 0CA5E485

Max HP
7604FDF0 00000000
187BDBB3 0CA5E485

Max EP
7600E810 00000000
187BDB24 0CA5E485

Max Lv
760A0D40 00000000
087BDB52 0CA57A4F

Max Str
760B43F0 00000000
187BDBE0 0CA5E485

Max Vit
76046EC0 00000000
187BDB16 0CA5E485

Max Dex
76036790 00000000
087BDB2E 0CA57A4F

Max Eva
7600CF20 00000000
087BDB4B 0CA57A4F

Max Agl
760B4610 00000000
087BDB87 0CA57A4F

Max Eatk
76060660 00000000
187BDB86 0CA5E485

Max Edef
76087870 00000000
187BDB20 0CA5E485

Max Next Lv
760167D0 00000000
287B70D8 1CD1A03E

Max Total Exp
76032DA0 00000000
287B7040 1CD1A03E

Jin Codes:

Infinite HP
7607E260 00000000
187BE664 0CA5E485

Infinite EP
760F6A70 00000000
187BE6E5 0CA5E485

Max HP
760D2000 00000000
187BE67D 0CA5E485

Max EP
76022FE0 00000000
187BE683 0CA5E485

Max Lv
76022A00 00000000
087BE6E4 0CA57A4F

Max Str
760C4980 00000000
187BE6A0 0CA5E485

Max Vit
760CA5B0 00000000
187BE698 0CA5E485

Max Dex
76074E10 00000000
087BE62B 0CA57A4F

Max Eva
76069670 00000000
087BE65B 0CA57A4F

Max Agl
760B4610 00000000
087BDB87 0CA57A4F

Max Eatk
760CE010 00000000
187BE688 0CA5E485

Max Edef
7606B140 00000000
187BE634 0CA5E485

Max Next Lv
7609D560 00000000
287B70D4 1CD1A03E

Max Total Exp
760E8400 00000000
287B701E 1CD1A03E

Item Codes:

Have Med Kit S
76047E60 00000000
187B2740 0CA57A4F

Have Med Kit M
7606FAF0 00000000
187B27E8 0CA57A4F

Have Med Kit L
76063410 00000000
187B27D8 0CA57A4F

Have Med Kit DX
76065360 00000000
187B27C0 0CA57A4F

Have Ether Pack S
7604CF80 00000000
187B27ED 0CA57A4F

Have Ether Pack M
760B16F0 00000000
187B27A6 0CA57A4F

Have Ether Pack DX
760616C0 00000000
187B27D0 0CA57A4F

Have Rejuvenator M
76050F90 00000000
187B2718 0CA57A4F

Have Rejuvenator DX
760DDA50 00000000
187B270C 0CA57A4F

Have Rejuvenator E
760944F0 00000000
187B27BB 0CA57A4F

Have Antidote L
7600F8B0 00000000
187B2772 0CA57A4F

Have Antidote H
760517E0 00000000
187B279D 0CA57A4F

Have Revive S
760D6BB0 00000000
187B27A1 0CA57A4F

Have Revive DX
760D8780 00000000
187B2799 0CA57A4F

Have Boost Max
76049250 00000000
187B2778 0CA57A4F

Have CF Bomb
760F7C10 00000000
187B27AC 0CA57A4F

Have Hemlock
760B85C0 00000000
187B2703 0CA57A4F

Have Bio Sphere
760CABA0 00000000
187B2754 0CA57A4F

Have Skill Upgrade A
76045CB0 00000000
187B2748 0CA57A4F

Have Skill Upgrade B
760FCDF0 00000000
187B2701 0CA57A4F

Have Skill Upgrade C
760A9340 00000000
187B2743 0CA57A4F

Have Skill Upgrade D
7606C050 00000000
187B2765 0CA57A4F

Have Skill Upgrade E
760E1590 00000000
187B2771 0CA57A4F

Have Class Upgrade A
7602AAB0 00000000
187B276F 0CA57A4F

Have Class Upgrade B
76009FC0 00000000
187B276A 0CA57A4F

Have Class Upgrade C
760C3890 00000000
187B27F1 0CA57A4F

Have Nano Repair A
76018940 00000000
187B272A 0CA57A4F

Have Nano Repair Z
7602D5B0 00000000
187B27F2 0CA57A4F

Have Nano Sphere
760C4790 00000000
187B276C 0CA57A4F

Have Scrap Iron
76000CF0 00000000
187B27CF 0CA57A4F

Have Junked Circuit
76064B10 00000000
187B2745 0CA57A4F

Have Ether Core
7603DB40 00000000
187B2737 0CA57A4F

Have Awakening I
7605FBD0 00000000
187B27A5 0CA57A4F

Have Awakening II
76040160 00000000
187B27DD 0CA57A4F

Have Awakening III
7601CCE0 00000000
187B273A 0CA57A4F

Have Awakening IV
760A8B30 00000000
187B27C6 0CA57A4F
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