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Four thousand years into a war-torn future, Earth has been abandoned and mankind forges its existence in deep space, locked in eternal struggle with the malevolent, alien Gnosis. With sophisticated weapons and robotics technology, humanity wages an epic battle for survival against the onslaught of the Gnosis.

In a desperate bid to fend off extinction, the search continues for the Zohar, a legendary artifact rumored to be capable of eradicating the Gnosis and ushering in an era of universal peace. Rejoin Shion, KOS-MOS and their companions in the search for this hallowed artifact in the enthralling 2nd chapter of this landmark multi-part RPG saga.


  • Devastate your opponents with innovative cooperative combat techniques, refined boost systems and a unique zone attack/zone break mechanic.
  • Engage your enemies with larger, more powerful mechs, now featuring their own independent, tactical battle system.
  • Customize your party with a vast array of power-ups, advanced attacks and over 100 different skills.
  • Explore lush, expansive environments and enjoy detailed, realistic character designs.
  • Challenge more than 30 side quests for hours of action-packed adventure.

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midlight-shard and 19 others played Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Böse
Whistling Wolf and 88 others own Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Böse
Hated KOS-MOS' new voice, but loved the new look. Hated everything about Shion, but that was nothing new. XenosagaEpisode2JenseitsVonGutUndBose PS2
This is the worst game ive ever played just sayin XenosagaEpisode2JenseitsVonGutUndBose PS2

We have quite a range of entertainment mediums these days with which we can entertain...

sequel. better graphics. new battle system XenosagaEpisode2JenseitsVonGutUndBose PS2

Xenosaga Episode 2 is the sequel to Xenosaga Episode 1 and it doesnt fail to interest...


First off, I'm still playing this game and I'm still very new to it. I'm writing this...


Me thinks it really really sux mann! Me was a expectin' like wow! Better then the 1st...

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