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WWE Smackdown! Shut Your Mouth is the first PS2 wrestling title to make use of the WWF's new name, WWE. In addition to being able to use WWF/WWE veterans, new wrestlers from the nWo, as well as the likes of Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair, will be added. The story mode features multiple character paths at a variety of locations, and the Create-A-Wrestler mode is more robust. Up to 6 players can go at it in the multiplayer modes.


  • Complete roster featuring more than 50 top World Wrestling Superstars. Choose between legendary icons such as The Rock, Hollywood Hulk Hogan or up-and-comers Lance Storm, DDP and The Hurricane.
  • Enhanced Season Mode with real storylines based on each PPV. Play out your own draft and relive the drama between each faction. Follow the story of your favorite Superstar from a first person perspective. Finally, battle for and hold multiple belts in quest to become the ultimate champion.
  • Over 100 match types and variations. New match styles include Elimination, Cage matches with escape, pin or give up variations and unrelenting Lumber Jack matches.
  • Compete across more than 17 unique arenas including Smackdown!, the new Raw arena and all 14 PPV venues including two British PPV arenas.
  • The deepest Create a Superstar Mode in any wrestling video game ever.
  • Over 14 backstage areas to battle in.
  • Modified control scheme with strategic reversal move system.
  • For the first time ever compete against six of your buddies in six-player mode.
  • Command your partner in tag team match ups and change the course of the match.

Hardware Requirements

8MB Playstation 2 Memory Card required.
229KB minimum space needed to save.
Multitap Adaptable.
Analog Control Compatible: Analog Sticks only.
Vibration Function Compatible.

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May 27, 09 1:10pm
Not much to say about this. Its fun, but it will never compare to the sequels. WWESmackDownShutYourMouth PS2
May 26, 09 4:51am
wicked WWESmackDownShutYourMouth PS2
Feb 26, 09 2:41pm
Good game Haven't played it much tho. WWESmackDownShutYourMouth PS2
Dec 25, 06 5:43am
I want it bad WWESmackDownShutYourMouth PS2
Oct 05, 06 1:54am
This Smackdown had one of the best Season Modes. WWESmackDownShutYourMouth PS2
Sep 29, 06 10:56pm
My personal favourte WWESmackDownShutYourMouth PS2
Aug 03, 06 6:16am
good game WWESmackDownShutYourMouth PS2
Sep 21, 05 6:16am
This game has the best season mode in a wwe/wwf game Ever WWESmackDownShutYourMouth PS2
Sep 11, 05 1:34pm
I DONT KNOW WWESmackDownShutYourMouth PS2
Jul 31, 05 2:13am
Excellent Game. WWESmackDownShutYourMouth PS2
latino supastar
Jul 25, 05 9:01pm
Cool game. Better than HCTP. WWESmackDownShutYourMouth PS2
Jul 13, 05 3:50am
Good WWESmackDownShutYourMouth PS2
Ring King
Jun 14, 05 10:49am
This game is awesome! WWESmackDownShutYourMouth PS2
May 15, 05 1:44pm
Apr 06, 05 2:36am
added 10 new screenshots
Mar 25, 05 9:35pm
* * * WWESmackDownShutYourMouth PS2
Camp Kill Yourself
Mar 24, 05 6:55am

Overall, when this game first game out, I loved it... Another step from JBI, better...

Feb 22, 05 4:15am
Not for sale WWESmackDownShutYourMouth PS2
  • Genre: Boxing & Wrestling (PS2)
  • Perspective(s): Third Person
  • Developer: Yuke's
  • Publisher: THQ
  • Released
    North AmericaNov 11, 2002
    EuropeNov 15, 2002
    JapanFeb 6, 2003
  • Player Info:
  • Offline Multi-player (6)
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