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The official game of the FIA World Rally Championship 2002 makes an appearance on the PlayStation 2 Entertainment System. WRCII Extreme contains accurately modelled cars with advanced handling dynamics, over 800km of track set in real world locations, actual WRC co-driver voices and over 600,000 car set-up combinations. Also includes unlockable "Extreme" rally cars of the future and "Super Special" looped stages for ultimate two player action.


The stages themselves offer amazing views compiled using satellite data to provide the most authentic experience available. Evolution's heritage of flight simulations has again enabled them to provide a draw-distance of 5 kilometres plus that make these stunning vistas possible – even further than in the original WRC title. Each stage is now more densely populated than ever with villages, churches, animals, spectators and marshals offering the ultimate in rally interaction.


  • Features all of the official cars, tracks, pilots and co-pilots of the 2001 World Rally Championship.
  • 108 tracks set in gigantic picturesque environments populated with fans, cameramen and wildlife.
  • Extensively detailed 3D cockpits and drivers, animated by fully inverse kinematics for a true to life representation.
  • More than 40 elements of each car have been accurately modeled to determine their individual physics.
  • Cars can pick up dust, mud and snow and receive collision damage, from shattered windows to torn-off bumpers.

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