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WRC3 will feature all the official cars, drivers, rallies, countries, and stages of the 2003 WRC. Improving on WRC2 in lots of ways, such as the new shrapnel particle emitters that allow bodywork and glass to fly off the cars in crashes. There is also working in-car instrumentation, more realistic handling, more detailed locales, and better CPU drivers.


WRC3 builds upon the expansive environments and elements of its predecessors. All race locations have been populated with buildings, signs and other architectural features such as bridges and tunnels specific to each rally. Roadsides buzz with animated crowds who will react to on-track action. True-to-life junctions have been incorporated to allow realistic crossings of roads and rivers, forcing the player to listen more closely to their co-driver's pace notes. An even wider variety of different surface types within each stage, along with improved camera flares, lens droplets and embossed tyre trails all combine to make WRC III the most immersive rally experience available.


  • Official licensed game of the FIA WRC
  • 2003 teams, cars, liveries, countries, stages etc
  • 21 cars with total 48 performance variants
  • Evolution, Extreme and Concept cars
  • Five game modes
  • Realistic, detailed worlds
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