Winback: Covert Operations Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 6.8/10

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Winback: Covert Operations Reviews

website score publish date
Core Magazine B- Jun 08 '01
Game Power Australia 2.5/4 Apr 20 '01
Game Revolution C May 27 '01
GameSpot 7.2/10 Apr 04 '01
Gamespot UK 7.2/10 Jul 20 '01
Happy Puppy 6/10 Apr 17 '01
IGN PS2 7.3/10 Apr 06 '01
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Winback: Covert Operations Previews

website publish date
GameSpot Feb 09 '01
IGN PS2 Oct 11 '00
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Game Power Australia on Apr 20 '01

"While fans of the espionage genre will no doubt enjoy this unique take, the casual gamer will probably be better off waiting for the debut of Metal Gear or Syphon Filter on this console."

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Game Revolution on May 28 '01

"When all is said and done, Winback: Covert Operations turns out to be a decent game."

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GameSpot on Feb 12 '01

"...aside from a few enhancements and extra modes, a carbon copy of the N64 incarnation... Winback plays very well... Koei seems to be heavily revamping the enemy AI for the game's PS2 release..."

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GameSpot on Apr 05 '01

"Anyone who has played WinBack on the Nintendo 64 has little reason to check out this graphically upgraded edition. For those who are new to WinBack, it will be a nice, stealthy diversion until..."

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Gamespot UK on Jul 20 '01

"Operation WinBack is a fun game that's both helped and hindered by its previous N64 life... Thanks to its unpretentious and simplified combat based gameplay, its enjoyably mindless cut-scenes, and..."

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