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Your name is Jean-Luc Couger. You are a special operative for S.C.A.T.(Strategic Covert Actions Team), an independant government agency. The "Crying Lions" terrorist group have seized control of the GULF complex and its prize weapon of mass-destruction...a laser-enabled high-tech satellite. You have 4 hours to regain control of the complex before the laser is powered up again for the next blast.


  • Choice of weapons; handguns, shotguns, machine guns,and other secret weapons
  • Up to four players can challenge each other for endless multiplayer fun
  • Options include Sudden Death, Lethal Tag, Cube Hunt and Team Battles
  • "BOT" deathmatch mode
  • Three different endings

Editor's Note:

Winback for PS2 is a port of WinBack: Covert Operations for N64.

Added on: December 11, 2000

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The level maps are awesome, i think any hardcore gamer will love WinBack.

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