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Wild Arms Alter Code: F returns to not only remake the original Wild Arms on the PlayStation but also to renew the experience with an expanded story, new characters, and intricate puzzles. The game ties together the tales of the three beloved characters with three new playable characters--Emma, Jane, and McDullen.


Dungeons include plenty of new traps and monsters to foil you in your quest, but your characters have helpful abilities, ranging from the traditional (running, picking up objects, and leaping) to the stealthy (sneaking and observing), to help them through sticky situations.


· Over 60 hours of gameplay - Dual Layer DVD is used to hold the massive amount of gameplay, music, and graphics.
· Proven storyline - combining the setting that attracted many players with the latest technology and gaming system.
· Redeveloped script - completely rewritten script with new plot twists and puzzle solving.
· Stunning graphics engine - detailed characters, enemies, and environments truly bring the game to life.
· Evolved battle system - control up to six party members to pummel the enemy.
· New environmental effects - blowing wind in the wilderness, sparkling waters, sunlight trickling into towns, and bubbling lava filled ruins. The attention to detail and expression of space are the best in the series.
· Enhanced "realistic" character graphics - the familiar super deformed faces from the original were transformed into accurately proportional graphics.
· Redrawn environments - the maps, towns, and dungeons were completely recreated and updated into 3D format, and all the visual designs were redrawn from scratch.
· HDD Support - load the game directly to the Hard Disk Drive (40GB) (for PlayStation®2) to decrease load times.

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Graphics: For those loyal fans familiar with the original Wild Arms, this is nothing...

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