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Rebirth of the Demon Lord is the sequel to the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors crossover game Warriors Orochi. It will feature 88 playable characters from the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai warriors games. The characters will be those featured in Warriors Orochi, as well as new characters from Dynasty Warriors 3 and Samurai Warriors Extreme legends. As with Warriors Orochi the 4 forces (Shu, Wu, Wei and Samurai) will each have an individual story.


The game play is similar to both Dynasty Warriors and Samurai warriors, as well as the first Warriors Orochi game. The only changes in gameplay from the first WO is the new modes, versus, dramatic and survival which are more tactical than other previous modes. Changes have also been made to comabt, allowing players to interact with and assist other characters in 'combination' fights.


  • A cast of 88 characters from the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors series. * New characters, as well as classic characters not on the previous versions. * New modes such as 'Dramatic Mode' and 'Versus Mode' * New opponents * Improved graphics and visuals * New stages * New fighting system including Combination attacks.

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