Continuing the story from the original Viewtiful Joe, you return to Movieland, this time with the ability to control either Joe or his girlfriend Sylvia. The time-control powers, or VFX, make a welcome return with one new VFX power in tow, the Replay, which allows you to do everything in triplicate.


The game is a side-scrolling beat-'em-up which gives you the power to slow down, speed up, and generally mess around with time, helping you earn VFX (Viewtiful Effects) points in classic beat-'em-up style.


  • Insane 2D/3D blend of graphics that creates a real comic-book effect.
  • Use Joe, Sylvia and other characters to defeat devil.
  • Battle against new bosses in huge 2D/3D worlds!
  • Use different techniques to beat your enemies, such as "Slow-Motion", "Mach Speed" and "Zoom in"

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TwinTailedCat and 1 others played Viewtiful Joe 2
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A nice beat-em-up sidescroller-ish game. I wish I owned the prequel too ViewtifulJoe2 GC
I've always been a fan of Viewtiful Joe. ViewtifulJoe2 PS2
A cool 2D/3D side-scrolling game. 6/10. ViewtifulJoe2 PS2
i loved this game how it was like a movie and how well u did determined how people liked it ViewtifulJoe2 PS2
Just got to the boss of Reel 2! ViewtifulJoe2 PS2
Baby, this game is Viewtiful, although they were only NOMINATED for the rainbow oscars - it means something held them back. ViewtifulJoe2 PS2
Fun the first two days, then you forget about it. ViewtifulJoe2 PS2

Overall, its a great game. Basically its the same thing as the first one, only it...


Difficulty: Hard

I would say this game is equally as good as the original. If they made...


This is obviously the 2nd in the series of viewtiful joe's. If you are having any...

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