In this game, players take control of regular "Joe," a celshaded hero whose sidescrolling adventures are presented in the style of a movie. Joe soon gains the ability to transform in to Viewtiful Joe, a superhero with the power to eliminate his enemies with special effects. As he makes his way through the adventure, he earns new and more powerful abilities. These powers allow Viewtiful Joe to execute special combos, or even control the flow of time.


Using his visual effects 'Slow' power, Joe instantaneously slows down the action to inflict damage reminiscent of today's popular action movies. For those who prefer a lighting-speed approach, Joe executes 'Mach Speed' and his fists and feet of fury destroy enemies with incredible speed. The combination of a true comic book look, mixed with the challenge of editing action moves on the fly, set Viewtiful Joe apart from all other games on the market. Players will exclaim, "this game is 'viewtiful!'


  • Innovative 2D/3D hybrid action
  • Unlock 'devilish' hidden playable characters that cry in awe of Viewtiful Joe's stunning gameplay.

  • Vividly comic and funky cartoon-style visuals

  • Unique combat system – Use visual effect powers (VFX) to obliterate enemies!

  • Slow down – "Slow Power" lets Joe inflict detailed attacks and moves
  • Speed up – "Mach Speed" gives Joe lighting fists of fury

  • Zoom – Enhance the fighting experience by getting up close and personal to the action while simultaneously executing other VFX powers to take down anything that stands in the way

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