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Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution is an update to Sega's AM2 division's 2002's Virtua Fighter, now a PS2 Greatest Hit. It contains 2 new fighters, Goh Hinogami and Brad Burns, new arenas, enhanced Graphics, and enhanced play modes.


Select your character and opponent, then find a suitable battle arena to duke it out. Each character has their own multiple combos and strategies that can decide who wins and loses the battle. The arena itself also plays an important role by its size. Opponents can easily be thrown out of smaller arenas, and if you get thrown out, you lose. Play against a friend for more spectacular matches.


  • All 15 characters (two new) have their own brand of whoop ass with unique attacks, counters, and defense moves.
  • Newly optimized graphics for the PlayStation 2 eliminate jaggies and shimmer.
  • New Quest Mode - hurl the hurt through several tournaments to become the world champion.
  • Twice as many character customizing options as before.
  • The aggressive A.I. opponents are modeled after the top players from the arcades of Japan.

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WOW! All this bang for 20 bucks. You have about 17 characters, including 2 new and...


Its a super bang for 20 bucks.You have 17 characters, 2 new ones.The fighting style is...


WOW! All this bang for 20 bucks. You have about 17 characters, including 2 new and...

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