Sega brings Vectorman back from the Genesis scrap heap in this new PS2 actioner. This time, Vectorman is searching for his creator, Aura, while saving his homeland from a maniacal dictator.

Our twenty-second round saw some even voting across a couple of reviews. Taking out the win this time is Gamecube Guru with his review of Vectorman. Describing it as a well-made side-scrolling title with enjoyable gameplay and the potential for a franchise that was never realised, his healthy scoring of the game reflects the lucky nature of the fact it found its way into a video game collection release.

 Vectorman     Score: 4.5/5
 Genre: Action Platformer

 Vectorman is a very well made game. In fact, it's a near masterpiece as far as sidescrolling games are concerned.

quote Gamecube Guru
Vectorman is a pretty damn good game, there's no doubt about it. The only people who hate on it are graphics whores and people who suck at it. Unfortunately, like Comix Zone, had it not been for some compilation discs that have been released throughout the years, nobody except for hardcore Sega Genesis fans would've heard of it and bought it because 3D gaming consoles were on the way, and everyone was like "oh mate gotta get an N64 or PS1 or Saturn". Thank god for these various Genesis collections, or it'd be pretty hard to experience such an awesome game.

In the future, pollution manages to screw the world over so much, that humanity had fled to other planets, leaving robots or "orbots" to clean up the mess. Unfortunately, a powerful robot known as Raster is attached to a nuclear missile, and influences the orbots to rebel and cause chaos. Our hero, Vectorman, comes back from delivering sludge to the sun - as he was at the sun at the time, he was unaffected - and now he has to stop Raster. What makes this kick ass is that it's one of the few environmental stories that doesn't seem so up its own ass. Like most action games, the story just sets you up, gives you a reason to kick ass and take names. Doesn't matter what the theme is; it takes a backseat to the gameplay, but what you see is at least interesting enough.
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