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The valkyrie Silmeria once served Odin loyally, but after an incident ignited a conflict between them, Odin forcefully reincarnated her as a human. The human soul that would carry her spirit was that of Alicia, Princess of Dipan. Ordinarily, Silmeria's consciousness would have been sealed, her spirit dormant until she was next summoned.

However, the forced transmigration causes Silmeria's spirit to awaken within Alicia, leaving two souls to inhabit a single body. The spirit that should have been sealed has awakened: a situation Odin will not ignore for long.


Though in a 3-d enviroment, it will play very much like the orignal 2-d side scrolling game. Within battles, characters will be assigned buttons and they will attack and use combos as each button is pressed in any series.


  • Classic VALKYRIE PROFILE gameplay updated with a state-of-the-art 3D rendering system that produces amazingly crafted environments that push the PlayStation®2 system
  • Puzzle-solving using the Photon Action System, an enhanced evolution of the popular crystal system: freeze enemies and swap positions to reach new areas
  • Simultaneous multi-character combat places the controls of four separate characters at your fingertips: perform advanced combos and tandem maneuvers with dazzling results
  • Team-up and co-ordinate your attacks with a friend (requires second controller)
  • A gripping tale of abandonment, loneliness and revenge crafted by the masterful storytellers at tri-Ace Inc.
  • Lush environments are enhanced by an advanced physics and lighting system, enabling a new level of brilliant and lifelike surroundings

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