The legendary Seven Wonders are a group of ancient structures shrouded in mystery. Legend has it that the powers of long-absent gods lie within, and their release will trigger a rebirth of the Golden Age. The Seven Wonders are scattered across parched deserts, frigid tundra, harsh mountains, and raging seas – all remnants of a time when evil forces ran amok. Some believe the legend, while others dismiss it as a fairy tale – yet, seven adventurers, firm believers in the legends, set out to discover the Seven Wonders' long-entombed secrets. Their paths are fated to cross in Vaftom at the Festival of Regina Leone…


  • The refined rapidly unfolding "Free Scenario System" creates the most open-ended adventure possible. Non-linear options allow the world and its characters to constantly evolve. This streamlined game system allows the player to focus on the core of the RPG experience: Discovery and Growth.
  • Innovative "map movement system" pushes the frontiers of the genre, added by adventures that never unfold the same way.
  • The newly developed "Reel" battle system relies on a slot machine-like interface in which players stop several spinning reels that result in different actions. The "Reel" will appear after the player has assigned "Hold" or "Go" to each attack. Although it may seem like positive results are based on luck, players must use their turns wisely. The "Reel" battle system requires not only intellect but agility as well.
  • The "Sketch Motion" system conveys detailed graphics in ways never before seen. UNLIMITED:SaGa is neither a 2D or 3D game, it is a completely new technique of animation based on technology developed with Adobe Systems
  • Tomomi Kobayashi returns to illustrate the world of UNLIMITED:SaGa in her own distinct style, with breathtaking hand-drawn artwork.
  • Yusuke Naora of the FINAL FANTASY series joins the team as Graphics Producer and Character Designer, lending his vast experience to the cutting edge graphics in UNLIMITED:SaGa.

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Okay, well lemme start off by saying that I am a fan of the SaGa Frontier series, or...


This game is really fun, The only thing that is
oppposing this game is its graphics...


The Saga series has always had a reputation for being a little different, with its...


This game is too hard and complicated, for starters.

This means that I am the only...


The game Unlimited Saga has unlimited errors. First of all, the game suffers from a...


Here is the deal, first if you are a big fan of the RPG's like FFVII through FFX,...


i bought it thought it would be good and now i just want to shoot it because it would...


Well, this game is definately not for impatient people.If your looking for a quick...


this game reeks. Do not even RENT IT. I rented it and I played it for a bout 20...


This is a game for stats mongers. If you kind of like Final Fantasy, then wait for...

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