Get ready to raise the panic meter! Take control of Cosmi, an alien who has made Earth his personal ground to pull pranks and initiate panic. Stuck on a planet full of weird humanoid creatures (us), you must prove yourself to your alien superiors before you can return home as a hero.


Walk freely amoung the citizens of CoCo Town and blend in by zapping people you encounter, taking on their identity. Your goal is to cause disruption by playing tricks on the clueless citizens. But if your true alien identity is discovered, chaos will ensue and you'll have an angry mob on your alien tail!


  • Puzzle action
  • Loads of crazy pranks to pull off...
  • From childish humour (poisonous farts) to the surreal (the bowling ball and human pin technique)
  • Two player mode is where Under the Skin comes into its own
  • Race to initiate more panic amongst the citizens of earth and pick up more coins than your opponent
  • The player with the most tricks up their sleeve will win
  • All ages appeal
  • Cartoon design and a crazy Technicolor palette
  • Kid-friendly & non-violent fun!

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