True Crime: New York City Own / Want List

Username Comments
Supa Saiyan Gogetta None
Tom None
brad3 None
Zeek None
cool3Dman None
badboy90 None
Jax06 None
actiongamer None
J Ripley None
solidsnake_03 fun it is fun to be a cop
katef Brill
Setthotep None
I_like_keys None
wwe_edge None
Machienzo Slightly better than True Crime, but still buggy and really annoyingly stiff vehicle controls.
Chimaira None
Gamesta100 None
Gta79 None
Barnhawk None
Cinquefoil None
Emaster MK None
Lawlkno Not Working Anymore!
jijweb None
the duel king None
Nate123 This is a great game.
phxsuns4life None
Bdog2509 None
aksparky None
warren2500 None
Fortitudo None
Lordofthedead101 None
cobracam77 None
ScarletMystic None
chaotix overlord None
Diomede None
Aevers None
D4N13LT1998 None
jtufteda None