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Triple Play Baseball features the 2001 team schedules and rosters, exclusive rights for the MLBPA Big League Challenge, and commentary by Buck Martinez with Sean McDonough. The PS2's power comes into play with new slick graphics and animations, intelligence levels creating 'player urgency' when the ball comes near a player, new camera angles, cinematic out-of-play sequences, and more.


  • The baseball diamond comes to life - incredibly lifelike players and realistic animations let you experience the true emotion and excitement of Major League baseball action
  • New pitcher-batter interface with pitching and batting cursors and a visible strike zone give you more control than ever before
  • Improved Fielding - one-button throws and power sensitivity give you the control you need to make the power plays
  • Dusty Baker, San Francisco Giants Manager, lends his expertise and knowledge to the development team, resulting in a truly authentic baseball experience
  • Major League Baseball and MLB Player's Association licenses give game players all the teams and players in the major leagues
  • Exclusive Big League Challenge License - play one-on-one with any power hitters you choose or recreate the drama of actual competition in Las Vegas with all of the home run hitting participants
  • Enjoy the heavy-hitting soundtrack with songs from Chuck D, Vitamin C, Fastball and more
  • Buck Martinez (new Manager of the Toronto Blue Jays) provides color commentary with Sean McDonough on play-by-play

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Okay this game is not bad I going to give a 5.0 cause it game need more stuff like...

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This game is a must for any baseball fan. Buy a playstation 2 just for this game!(and...

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This game is a blast to play. The graphics run sharp and smooth. Games last about 45...

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The players do not look like actual players! there are very few stances. The game is...

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The grahpics are the only good thing about this game. . The player models look...

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