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Tribes Aerial Assault will be one of the first games to use Sony Computer Entertainment America's network adapter for online play over the Internet, allowing up to 16 players from around the world to compete with, and against, each other in the same game. A true team game, TAA lets players assume different roles and play different kinds of games. Players can also get the full Tribes experience offline with an 11-mission single-player campaign.


  • Compete in massive, boundless and breathtaking worlds tormented by real-time weather conditions (rain, snow, fog and lightning) and environmental elements.
  • Deliver destruction with ten weapons as well as an arsenal of grenades, mines and more.
  • Advance your Tribe's position and gather intelligence with a total of six air and ground vehicles, including a Turbograv Outrider, two-player Assault Tank, and the three-player Thundersword Bomber.
  • Experience authentic multiplayer action offline with single player gametypes and training missions equipped with amazingly intelligent bots.
  • Master a wide variety of game types, including Capture The Flag, Siege, Flag Hunters, Bounty, and Rabbit. Play online using dedicated or integrated PlayStation 2 servers.

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Shedevil and 6 others own Tribes: Aerial Assault

i love the vehicles the bomber is the coolest you just fly over the enemy base and...


This game is awesome there is no game that could ever compare to this except for...


My friend showed me this game. At first, i didnt think much of it. About an hour...


At first it was like ohhh crap ima get this game and buy the modem!! Then you play it...


Very good game. I recommend this game to any one who enjoys a nice first person...


just bought this game because I wanted an online POV shooter for ps2. so far all thats...


It is a great multiplayer game. The online gameplay is okay and if you don't have a...


This is no doubt the best PS2 game I own... With out a doubt probably in my mind the...


I bought this game today and i cant stop playing it! Its addictave and the graphics...


This is a great game for anyone who would rather play tribes on their PS2 (personally,...


This game is really great. When you first get into the game you think oh my god this...


This game is extremely fun and one of my favorite first person shooters. The controls...


this game is pretty cool. i would definitely not call it better than halo or whatever...


That is the only problem would be the movment part. If they got the mouse and keyboard...

BELLEVUE, WA (September 24, 2002) - Sierra Entertainment, Inc., a studio of the Games division of Vivendi Universal... posted Sep 24, 02 6:27pm

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