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Total Immersion Racing is a driving game that combines the quality driving technology, real-world racecars & tracks and immersive gameplay. Choose a career path that leads from being the lowest ranked all the way to becoming a world champion driving a massively powerful 8 litre prototype racecar. On the way, team engineers and managers will give advice and input to guide the player.


What really separates this game from the pack is the other drivers that are passed on the track to victory. The player is pitted against a posse of other drivers, all with their own unique personalities, driving styles and responses. An advanced AI system has been created to ensure that every action of the player at the wheel is balanced by an appropriate reaction of the drivers that are nearby. Motor racing drivers have a long memory, upset the wrong opponent, and he may not respond until many races later, maybe when you are on the last corner before winning your championship!


  • Incredibly detailed, fully customizable vehicles.

  • Authentically reproduced tracks from around the world, including weather effects and day/night lighting.

  • Groundbreaking artificial intelligence with unique drivers that remember your actions from race to race and react to you.

  • Multiple game modes: Single, Challenge, Career, and Time Trials.

  • Dynamic car crashes–lifelike crashes, pileups, and spinouts.

  • Benefit from relevant strategic and tactical advice from your Race Engineer.

  • Up to 18 vehicles in each race.

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