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Top Gun: Combat Zones puts you in the cockpits of 8 fighter jets including the F-18 Hornet, F-14 Tomcat, and the F-22 Raptor. There are a total of 36 missions in 3 major areas: the Gulf, Asia, and Russian Arctic. Choose from three difficulty settings. Learn the ropes in the training session and even take off on a customized mission with the Quick Start option. You can view the action and huge locales from multiple angles.


  • 36 different missions set over three distinct periods of time Master the Navy's top planes: F-14, F-18, F-22, plus 5 bonus unlockable planes--F-4 Phantom, JSF, YF-23, Osprey, Harrier
  • Astounding and detailed graphics, particularly in low-level flying combat to emphasize arcade action over mere piloting
  • Changing light and weather conditions
  • Bonus scoring system rewards your low-level flying and expert maneuvering
  • Incredible Replay mode enables the review of the entire mission through all sorts of visceral camera angles
  • Build an unlimited number of new missions, choosing your plane, terrain, difficulty level and opponents with Quickstart mode
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Don't buy it - rent it MAYBE... Ace Combat for PS2 is soooo much better. I played...

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