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Average Review Score: 8.3/10

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TimeSplitters Reviews

website score publish date
DarkStation 8/10 Feb 04 '01
EuroGamer 9/10 Dec 02 '00
Game Revolution C Nov 30 '00
GameProWorld 19.5/20 Oct 23 '00
Gamer's Pulse 94/100 Jan 25 '01
GameSpot 8.4/10 Oct 25 '00
Happy Puppy 6.5/10 Nov 24 '00
IGN PS2 8.6/10 Oct 24 '00
Planet PS2 90% Nov 22 '00
PSX Extreme 8.2/10 Oct 30 '00
PSXNews 93% Jan 05 '01
Solinari Gaming 7.0/10.0 Jul 02 '02
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TimeSplitters Previews

website publish date
GameSpot Sep 06 '00
Gamespot UK Oct 27 '00
IGN PS2 Jun 30 '00
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EuroGamer on Dec 02 '00

"At the moment, it’s the best action game available on the PlayStation 2, and although occasionally quite cheesy and certainly not a patch on the likes of Half-Life in terms of storyline and..."

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Game Revolution on Dec 02 '00

"Levels are very linear. You pretty much just run from the beginning directly to the item, with side tangents to gain extra power-ups. "

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GameSpot on Sep 25 '00

"Since the game is being developed to resemble, aesthetically, a series of B-movies, all manner of odd characters and stages are present - from '70s cop-show detectives to aliens and robots..."

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GameSpot on Oct 30 '00

"Control is a big issue when it comes to first-person shooters, and TimeSplitters goes the distance by allowing you to configure the controller however you'd like. However, the default setting is..."

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IGN PS2 on Jul 04 '00

"The architecture and textures still look a little bit rough, particularly around edges and joints (lots of sharp corners), but you can't argue that the game moves extremely fast. Large levels with..."

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