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The martial classic Romance of the Three Kingdoms returns with the monumental 10th edition of KOEI's historical simulation series Romance of the Three Kingdoms VIII. The adventure begins when the beleaguered Chinese empire falls victim to a rebellious plot, and continues through over one hundred years of civil war. China's turbulent history is revealed in breathtaking detail as players take the roles of Ancient China's most extraordinary figures including peasant turned emperor Liu Bei, conqueror Cao Cao, the elite warrior Zhao Yun, and brilliant strategist Zhuge Liang.


  • Strategy gamers can take control of up to eight different characters in a single game.

  • Over 700 characters are available, 100 of which are customizable originals.

  • Players have the ability to set the game's starting point to any time during the 50 year period between the Yellow Turban Rebellion in 184 A.D. and the death of Zhuge Liang in 234 A.D.

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