Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 GameShark Codes (PS2)

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Master Code (PS2) North America Master

This code must be on.

ECB5CF4C 143A60B4

All Charcters (PS2) North America

Have all characters unlocked.

4C3922E8 1456B00C

Infinite Time (PS2) North America

Have infinite time on missions.

1C5BC7B8 1456E6C5

Officer Dick Codes (N64) North America

800DDE04 001E - Have All Tapes
800DDE08 00FF - All Tapes-Warehouse
800DDE09 00FF - All Tapes-School
800DDE0A 00FF - All Tapes-Mall
800DDE0B 00FF - Have Gold Medal-Skate Park
800DDE0C 00FF - All Tapes-Downtown
800DDE0D 00FF - All Tapes-Downhill Jam
800DDE0E 00FF - Have Gold Medal-Burnside
800DDE0F 00FF - All Tapes-Streets
800DDE10 00FF - Have Gold Medal-Roswell